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The joy is always learning something new, and taking with us what we have learned along the way. Honing your casting skills is especially critical for successful salt water fly fishing. Beginning and advanced anglers are encouraged to work on advancing their skills in our casting clinics. Contact Lori-Ann for details! Cast to your dreams, and see you there!

Bonefish School with Lori-Ann Murphy

Open to ALL ANGLERS. By popular demand…

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San Pedro, Belize. All inclusive Bonefish Fly Fishing School. 4 nights/3 days learning and fly fishing the majestic flats that surround Ambergris Caye. 

Single occupancy lodging, meals, pool overlooking the Caribbean, and 3 action packed days with Lori-Ann learning and upping your game fly fishing for bonefish. Package includes transportation from San Pedro airport to lodging. All fly fishing equipment provided, but if you have a 6,7 or 8 wt outfit you like, please bring. You will leave with skills and knowledge that will stay with you for the rest of your fly fishing adventures! 

$1495     50% to confirm your reservation. 

Cortland 8 wt bonefish line and leader material to build your leaders  is included in your package.

Package also includes all written material and fishing fees.  It does not include a Belize fishing license or gratuities for guide staff assisting with school.

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Expect to Learn:

Rods. Reels.  What is needed. Learn – rod action, rod and reel size, drag systems and large arbor advantage. 

Fly Lines.  Find out what drives fly line companies to design for the salt. And what works for you. 

Leaders.  Learn to build your own bonefish and permit leaders. Mono vs. Fluro.

Knots.  Need to know. Best loop knot. Backing to arbor. 

Casting.  Leave with the confidence to teach basic fly casting. Learn and improve your double haul. (This is Lori-Ann’s specialty!) Short cast. Loading the rod. Distance cast. Loop control and line speed. 

Presentation. Cast knowing the fish is going to eat your fly. 

Wade Fishing vs Boat Fishing. Techniques to aid in the hunt and when the deal comes down. 

Habitat.  Lori-Ann works closely with Bonefish Tarpon Trust and will share with you what we have learned about the bonefish of Belize and their habitat. 

Tides.  Learn how tides affect fish and how to take advantage of tides to plan your day. 

Safety.  Know how to spend the day enjoying your bonefishing without injury. 

Fun.  Fly fishing for bonefish is one of the most thrilling ways to have big fun!

Fish.  We will have opportunities to fish from shore, kayaks and flats boats.

$100 US per hour/ private lesson

 San Pedro, Belize

Individual and group lessons 

































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  2. This post brings back some memories! I went on a trip to Finland back in 2015 and did all of these activities there. I enjoyed fishing a lot. Want to begin again.

  3. You put really informative article. It is important factor that increase our fishing skill day by day. Fishing school is great source to increase our fishing skill.

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