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Lori-Ann Murphy lives full time in San Pedro, Belize. She came to the island in 2009 as fishing director for El Pescador Lodge. She worked closely with the guide team and in that time also networked with the guides of Belize. 

Spring 2015 Lori-Ann started guiding and teaching full time on her own. She has 25 years of saltwater experience – working with “the best of the best” guides in the Florida Keys and Belize.  Lori-Ann’s expertise is credited to her teachers and guides she has fished. Her ability to take a lifetime of saltwater fly fishing and make it a simple blissful pleasure is her amazing talent.  Lori-Ann welcomes you to join her fly fishing her home waters of Ambergris Caye, Belize. 




Welcome to my blog! I look forward to sharing stories with all of my friends and fly fishing family!  —Lori-Ann

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